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About Us

Who is Hillenbrand & Co®

Hillenbrand & Co® has been operating since 2018 and is based in Brisbane, Australia. It’s management team is led by Patrick and Charlotte Hillenbrand.

Hillenbrand & Co is a premier boutique audiobook production and distribution option to self published authors.

We invite authors as well as analyse inbound proposals.  Our pre-licensing research must support the decision to fund and commit to an audiobook project . 

Why are we doing this?

Hillenbrand & Co® exists as there is a fundamental shift towards experiencing literary works through audiobooks and most authors don’t know how, or have the resources, to produce and promote consistently selling audio books.

93% of all books don’t yet exist on audiobooks mainly because producing and promoting a quality audiobook is a very different undertaking to that of writing a book. 

Being a successful self producer and promotor of audiobooks on multiple digital platforms is, for most authors, a significant and often a distracting step away from being a passionate writer.

We help authors further monetise their efforts without an effort.

What makes us different?

Only researched, produced and promoted audiobooks will be successful and produce regular income. 

We engage deeply with an audiobook opportunity and conduct research of demand, audience, key metrics and data using sophisticated tools before we make the business decision to go all in.

Our production process leaves nothing to chance. We conduct auditions of narrators and always look at producing a premium listening experience that generates positive reviews.

We are geographically independent and platform agnostic meaning we always look to maximise sales across multiple platforms supported by proven marketing efforts. This is where the boots hit the ground!

We partner with select authors where we provide a turnkey audiobook solution.

"Being read to is a really intimate thing

Duncan Honeyman

Meet the Team

Charlotte Hillenbrand


After a successful career as a commercial airline pilot in Australia and in Europe Charlotte switched focus towards public speaking and writing about resilience and hidden strengths.

As an avid audiobook consumer it quickly became evident to her that there is a big gap between self publishing books and audiobook production and its distribution and that many great book titles never make to the audiobook audience.

Charlotte has a Master of Laws and speaks several languages.

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Dr Patrick Hillenbrand - Executive Director

Patrick treats each audiobook opportunity as a launch of a new business.

Patrick has founded and managed several businesses in Sweden and Australia which includes 10+ years experience in digital marketing and sale of products and services online. Patrick serves on several boards.

Patrick has a Doctorate in entrepreneurship and is passionate about helping authors better monetise their efforts and reach a wider audience.

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Our valued virtual team

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We have over many years developed a solid network of consultants and freelancers that we work with regularly.

This ensures access to the right competence at the right time and allows us to remain competitive and responsive.