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Blue Square Group Management Solutions Pty Ltd

Blue Square Group is focused on building value propositions for businesses to increase brand value and customer lifetime value around ethical climate responses.

Location: BOKARINA

Member since: Oct 2021

People: 1-4

About Us

Blue Square Group is focused on delivering effective management solutions to business, people and projects across a wide range of industries and sectors.

Our experience is grounded in the hands-on delivery of large scale complex capital projects with a strong focus on key project success factors and governance. Utilising this same rigour and focus in delivering business solutions, we are able to support businesses in a practical yet efficient way.

Our business knowledge and experience has been gained through operational and leadership roles within of large scale global listed entities as well as many small to medium enterprises and start-ups. Be it restructuring, downsizing, divesting, diversification, expansion, mergers and acquisitions, recapitalisation, listing, delisting, global financial crises, market swings, start-ups and many more, we have been there, got through it and gained a lot of experience in the process. It is our mission to utilise this experience and make your journey easier.

Services provided are scalable and flexible to suit the size, complexity and nature of each project or task.

What We Do

Blue Square Group provides outsourced management and operational improvement solutions for Small to Medium Enterprises. We help businesses address specific complex challenges they may be facing through logical objectivity, process analysis and strategy development. Backed by years of business and corporate leadership experience, we are able to help organisations improve their performance by specialising in tasks that would normally involve high internal co-ordination costs for customers or cause loss of capacity or production. We also help you develop the appropriate strategy for each life cycle of your business, whether you want to start a new business, change your business or grow your business. Blue Square Group also provides a range of management solutions to support you in the delivery of your capital projects.

Our Services