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What you will learn here

  • How to easily engage with us

  • The 8 steps we take to ensure a great audiobook

  • The 40+ platforms we sell through

  • Our Promise

At Hillenbrand & Co® we’ve made it our mission to turn great books into great audiobooks. We do this by researching books with audiobook and market potential and then produce a premium listening experience that get’s noticed.

As the rights holder you agree for us to produce and indefinitely distribute, at our cost, the audiobook where we pay you a fixed commission percentage on the royalties earned.

Easy 3 steps to your audiobook income

Step 1

Let's talk

We normally find that an informal one-on-one web meeting or phone call works well. Just drop us a line, via email or the Contact Us form and let us know you are interested to learn more.

Step 2


The Production and Distribution Agreement allows us to produce an audiobook at our expense and sell it to our mutual benefit. We do not become your agent or get audio rights in general.

Step 3

Receive payments

We will pay you the commission monthly after we receive the royalties to your assigned bank account

We make it easy for you to monetise your book further at no cost or risk to you

Our 8 stages to regular audiobook income

The steps below describes, at a high level, the process and resources which we commit to each audiobook project. As an author your involvement in these steps is not required or expected.

Research stage1-2 weeks
Project StartsWeek 0
Narrator Selection processWeek 1-3
Script formatting Week 1-3
ProductionWeek 4-5
ProductionWeek 4-5
LaunchWeek 6

We are platform agnostic which generates more sales

Platforms we distribute through

Your audiobook income journey starts with a penstroke for a turnkey solution

Books are being consumed differently - Are you missing out?

The younger generations are embracing audiobooks. The average price of an audiobook is between $20 and $30 which is substantially higher than ebooks or Kindle editions. US audiobook sales eclipsed ebook sales in 2020.

We empower your business by providing a turnkey solution with 100% skin in the game.
Your success is our success.

Our promise

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