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Why Audiobooks

Why authors benefit from from an audiobook

For authors looking to find success with their well-written and expertly-edited book, it need to be available in as many popular reading formats as possible.

The rise in popularity of audiobooks in recent years should therefore not be overlooked — especially for authors of nonfiction titles. 

Below 5 key reasons audiobooks are such a powerful tool for today’s modern author:

1. Establishes Brand Credibility

Writing a book is often an excellent way to drive interest, establish credibility, and grow a personal or professional brand. And if you’re a consultant, coach, thought leader, or even a memoirist, there are some intriguing advantages to audiobook narration that are difficult to replicate on paper.

When your audience is hearing your written words, it serves to establish your “voice brand.” Narrators adds a dimension to the story with tonality, pace, performance and personality. All the values that your story, business, or product stand resonates with the listener which adds a new dimension to your words.


2.Unlocks a New Audience

A growing segment of readers (or listeners) are turning to audiobooks as their preferred method of consumption. Simply put: there’s a huge audience of readers that would not have otherwise experienced your book unless you have it available to them in the medium of audio.

Audiobooks allow your book to be “read” while your audience is doing something else and does NOT require screen time.  For the book-obsessed, this is a revelation.

The explosive growth of the audiobook market — valued at 2.67 billion US dollars in 2019, and growing at 25% per year — demonstrates that people do have time to listen.

3.Elevates Your Author Platform and Your Book’s Marketability

Audiobooks not only provide authors with an additional revenue stream, but there are several promotional opportunities that arise from publishing one.

To start, audiobooks often  help promote the hardcover and eBook editions. 

Audiobooks are also “moving media” that you can use to promote your book digitally, in media pitch kits, and on social media.

Furthermore, there’s an undeniable “halo effect” or perception boost authors generate when your book is available in many different formats. It telegraphs to readers and potential clients that you have a well-developed author platform and that you should be taken seriously.

4.Deepens the Emotional Connection with Your Readers

Regardless of the genre of the book, being read to is a very natural and human way to experience a narrative. We have this from our childhood.

Audiobooks in all genres appeal to this subconscious process.

5. Increased Accessibility to Listeners

Augmenting your author platform with an audio product not only unlocks another audience that wouldn’t otherwise have consumed it, but there are people who simply prefer it because it’s easier for them to understand what they’re listening to rather than reading it on a page.

It’s also wise to consider the idea of accessibility. People with visual impairments can only listen to books, in many cases. Rather than rely on robotic-sounding text-to-speech programs to do the job, a professionally produced audiobook ensures your story and your message is transmitted in the highest possible quality to a group of people who need an audio format.

With the audiobook trend only continuing to gain momentum, it benefits all authors to ask yourself if an audiobook is the right fit for your audience and publishing goals. 

10 amazing facts about audiobooks

  • Builds critical listening skills

  • It improves pronunciation and fluency

  • It improves memory

  • It improves focus and attention span

  • Builds critical thinking and improves comprehension skills

  • Helps improve time management skills

  • You get an interesting and lively experience of the story

  • Audiobooks are highly beneficial for people with visual impairments

  • It helps develop empathy

  • It boosts our mental health